AngelaWC Designs


What should I do if I received a damaged item(s)?

Please return the item to us within 2-5 business days with the original invoice in the same condition in which it was received.  Only if your purchase arrived damaged...

On the back of the invoice or on a separate letter, indicate why you are returning the item(s)

How do refunds work?

Your charges will b credited back to your credit card. We do not credit shipping and handling.
We will do everything we can to respond quickly and you will be notify about your refund by email.

Do you design special custom made items?

Yes we do depends on the style. 
Please let us know what style you want and we would notify you if we can do it. 
The price varies for special custom made items.

Do you ship international?

We ship to USA

What type of materials do you use?

We use gold filled, sterling silver, brass, copper, silver plate, gold plate, leather, gem stones, semi precious stones, wood, ceramic, porcelain and a variety of materials for jewelry and accessories.

Is my privacy protected?

We do not give your personal information to any other company.  Your privacy is protected with us...Just remember we use Big Cartel for our hosting and Stripe for our merchant payment.

Where are you located?

We are located in Brooklyn, NY, USA

What is your email address?